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Training Overview


The Australian Ski Patrol Association Training College is a leader in the provision of vocational alpine safety education and training.

  • Our excellence will be demonstrated in our products, our services and our people.
  • Our innovation and underpinning of alpine safety communication and growth will be nationally recognised and valued by our community.
  • Australian Ski Patrol Association Training College brings global opportunities for learning and knowledge to support local aspirations for our community. This knowledge and learning is sought and valued by our customers.


ASPA Training College supports the mission of the Australian Ski Patrol Association:

  • To serve the public without fee or charge in the rescue and first aid treatment of injured skiers and other visitors to alpine areas
  • To serve the public by promoting awareness of the need for high standards of safety in Australian alpine areas and, without limiting the generality of this objective, to produce and distribute safety literature, films and other matter
  • To serve the public by establishing and promoting alpine management and recreational safety standards in Australian alpine areas
  • To serve the public by establishing and maintaining uniform first aid training and examination courses for and on behalf of its members
  • To establish and maintain uniform standards for the operation and conduct of its members
  • To represent nationally and internationally Australian ski patrol organisations
  • To assist and act as an adviser to any person or organisation with an interest in the establishment or promotion of alpine safety standards or in the training standards or in the operation of ski patrols in Australia
  • To protect and further the interests of the Association and its members

It does this by providing premier training and consultancy services to enhance and support alpine safety.


We value:

  • People we assist
  • Our People (including our volunteers and specialist trainers)
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Ethical practice
  • Cultural and social diversity
  • Continuous improvement


Thank you for visiting the ASPA Training College Website. It provides a resource for students, instructors and members of the general public who are interested in the training of Ski Patrollers or in Alpine Safety, more generally. We welcome feedback on the design and style of the site, as well as any corrections or content improvements that visitors to the site may value. Please contact me with your feedback or questions at

We take pride in the fact that our courses meet the National Standard and fit into the Australian First Aid Competencies framework. ASPA’s training is linked to specific vocational roles, as well as more generally raising the standard of alpine safety, emergency care, first aid and rescue. The attached flowchart shows those vocational links.

We do always welcome assistance in our endeavours, and are pleased to encourage new volunteers. Should you be interested in becoming a Ski Patroller, the best way is to talk to a patroller from your local resort. They will be able to tell you the exact requirements for your chosen resort.

ASPA President