All ASPA Training courses are recognised by the Snowsport Industry. Our first-aid programs have Workcover certification, and the Alpine Resort Commission, Ski Industry Management Association and Alpine businesses also recognise our expertise.

National Recognition of Training Courses

All first-aid courses are nationally recognised through the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) system. Our other programs have been created from nationally authorised competencies. Each individual program has a statement of its recognition and students should check the individual statements


Your expertise is a valuable asset and ASPA recognises the skills and knowledge that you may have gained. This is called Recognition.

You may be entitled to gain Recognition that will exempt you from attending one or more modules, or maybe all of an ASPA course. Alternatively, your qualifications and skills may gain you entry to ASPA courses.

Recognition allows a person to receive recognition and credit for the knowledge and skills they have, no matter how and where they were attained, including overseas. This can include skills from: previous study (including courses at school or college, through adult education classes or training programs at work); life experience (for example leisure pursuits or voluntary work) and work experience (including both work that is paid and unpaid).

Recognition is a broad term that covers:

  • Pre-arranged Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Training Organisaiton Credit Transfer
  • Mutual Recognition

What matters in obtaining Recognition is that the knowledge and skills you have gained help to meet the learning outcomes and assessment criteria of the qualification for which you are seeking credit. Equally, Recognition can assess your overseas qualifications relative to Australian skills and qualifications. To apply for Recognition you will need to provide evidence of your previous study or experience such as original result notices, certificates or references that give details of your work experience or you must be able to demonstrate your skills.

Benefits of Recognition

Gaining Recognition means that you:

  • Save time – If you do gain Recognition then you may spend less time completing your course or qualification
  • Gain nationally accredited qualifications -. Under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), all qualifications are nationally recognised. Qualifications gained through Recognition have the same value as those gained through course work at ASPA Training.

Recognition can give you entry into TAFE and university courses. ASPA Training qualifications are valuable because of their practical, vocational nature. ASPA Training qualifications are recognised by universities and can make the pathway into university easier.

Cost of Recognition

If you are enrolled in an ASPA Training course:

If you are currently enrolled in an ASPA Training course there is no fee for applying for Recognition.

If you are not enrolled in an ASPA Training course:

If you are currently not enrolled in a ASPA Training course there are fees for applying for Recognition – this is call Commercial Recognition. Contact VP Education if you are interested in this type of recognition. Commercial Recognition can be up to 100% of the cost of the course.

How applications are assessed

Your knowledge and skills may be assessed by any of a variety of methods. These includes portfolio, practical test, demonstration, interview or a combination of these.

In assessing applications for Recognition assessors will be looking for evidence that is:
Relevant – you must show that your skills and knowledge match the module learning outcomes and competencies of the module.
Authentic – all the evidence that you provide will be checked by the assessor to ensure it’s validity. Sufficient – there must be enough evidence to show competencies. If you believe you have the right skills to gain Recognition, start getting together proof of these skills.

Your Recognition application might include some or all of the following:

  • Certificates
  • Reports
  • References from your work experience, paid and unpaid
  • Samples of your work
  • Qualifications.

You will need to complete a Recognition application form and submit your evidence.

Application for Recognition

Although you can apply for Recognition at any time it is best to apply for Recognition before classes commence, or as soon as possible afterwards. If you decide to proceed with a Recognition application and you have enrolled in an ASPA Training course you need to complete the appropriate Recognition form detailing your evidence to claim Recognition and attach all relevant documentation translated into English.

During your course you can apply for Recognition before the start of any module. Even if you apply for Recognition, you must attend classes for that particular module until you receive notification of the result of your application.