ASPA is committed to ensuring accurate and responsible accounting. As a training organisation it seeks to ensure that funds held by it for equipment and courses, prior to delivery to students, are held in a secure environment with minimum risk to students.


The Treasurer oversees all financial matters for the Association. The Treasurer is responsible to:

  • Consult with the President and Executive Officer in the preparation of budgets and business plans;
  • Present summary financial statements at all meetings of the Executive or Council;
  • Oversee preparation of the annual financial reports for presentation to the Auditor;
  • Present audited accounts of the Association at the AGM of the meeting or at other such times as they may be called upon;
  • Act as a co-signatory to all accounts of the Association.

The day-to-day responsibilities may be delegated to the Executive Officer (where one is appointed), except that the Treasurer shall present financial reports.

Accounts Held

The following minimum accounts are held:

  • No. 1 Account – General operations
  • No. 2 Account – NSW Course
  • No. 3 Account – Victorian Course
  • No. 4 Account – Tasmanian Course

All accounts are reconciled at the end of each course and the float for a course restored to that account.

Fees and Fee Receipts

Fees are set at least six weeks prior to short courses and annually for longer courses. The fee conditions and refund policy can be accessed through the Fees and Refunds page.

Protection of Accounts and Assets

ASPA assets and accounts are protected through extensive insurances. ASPA holds insurance for:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Public Liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Product Liability
  • Building and Contents