Becoming a Patroller


How Does One Become a Patroller?

A patroller has many skills and many of these are learnt on the job.

The basic requirements to join many patrols are:

Strong skiing /riding ability

Basic first aid skills

What does that mean?

All patrollers need to be able to travel anywhere within their resort in varying conditions, both with and without equipment, and do so safely. The skill level to do this will vary from resort to resort and day to day.

The core role a patroller performs is to save life hence medical skills form one of the skill set that a patroller will use on a day to day basis.

There are many other skills required, some of them can be taught and others are part of the personality, such as the ability to make confident decisions and to work independently within a group structure.



If you believe that you have the skills and wish to join, what is the next step?

Contact the ski patrol of your choice and arrange to be tested, which is similar to the process the surf life savers undergo to join. Refer to the skipatrol contacts page for details.

Once accepted, patrols have structured training programs to impart the necessary skills in such diverse topics as ropes, fencing, sled running, hazard marking, avalanche risk minimisation, communications, public relations.

The first aid skills required are taught both in the classroom by ASPA and out on the slopes.

The above process can take as little as 2 weeks or as long as 2 years depending upon the candidate. Most skills are refreshed at regular intervals to maintain currency .

Note that paid patrollers are employed by the resorts, hence are usually but not always trained before they commence their jobs.