Fees / Refunds


Course fees are set at the time of notification of a course. Normally course fees are set three months in advance of a scheduled course.

Meal costs, text books and electronic media costs, as well as accommodation if applicable is set at that time. While accommodation and meals may be offered and can be arranged through the Course Director, they are an optional part of the fee structure.

Significant discounts are available to members of Ski Patrols. These are announced in the brochure accompanying a course.

An application and waiver MUST be signed prior to commencement of a course and accompanied by the course fee. Students MUST have fully functioning personal protective equipment. Students must not participate in practical examinations and practices without this personal protective equipment. Students have a responsibly to protect themselves and others from biological hazards.

Refund Policy

If unable to attend a course the full fee can be transferred to the next available course. If unable to transfer to the next course a refund will be drawn with 10% held as an administration charge. 

This policy may be varied to the advantage of the candidate by consultation between the Course Director, President and Treasurer, if the candidate is able to present a medical certificate or other satisfactory evidence that inability to attend was caused by factors beyond the candidate’s control.

If the candidate feels a refund is required they should complete the attached form HERE