Industry Liaison


ASPA liaises with industry, training providers, government agencies and peak bodies on the vocational requirements of Ski Patrollers and the the requirements of Alpine Safety vocational outcomes.

ASPA engages industry in the implementation of on-the-job training and related vocational education and training system initiatives. Key elements include:

  • policy development and management of programmes for group training arrangements;
  • management of the New Apprenticeships Access Programme (where applicable);
  • policy and strategic advice on workplace relations for OJT and vocational outcome delivery;
  • policy advice and liaison with industry on implementation issues for specific industries or sectors and management of associated Industry training strategies; and
  • facilitating the National Industry Skills Initiative.

ASPA provides policy and strategic advice relating to aspects of the vocational education and training system, with a particular emphasis on Alpine Safety vocational outcomes, including:

  • policy development and coordination, as well as advice, research and analysis on snowsport industry training matters requiring a sector-specific approach and/or cross-industry perspective; and
  • informing key industry stakeholders, including Commonwealth and State Government Departments and agencies, Industry Training Advisory Bodies, industry associations, and the Australian National Training Authority, of Alpine Safety priorities and initiatives in the VET sector.

ASPA has a communication management plan and schedule of visits to ensure annual consultation with resort operators, lift operators, alpine medical centres, ambulance operations in Alpine Australia, and other rescue organisations, whether permanent or volunteer. Vice Presidents in each state are responsible for the industry liaison, including incorporation of new rescue and safety technology into the training courses.