ASPA has policies and procedures in place to encourage the free exchange of ideas and skills in a non-threatening and open environment..  It values:

  • fairness

  • equity

  • reasonableness

  • environmental protection

  • sustainability

Rarely, these values are abused and hence ASPA has in place a grievance handling procedure to restore the values to prominence.


Our policies are available on this website; however, there are more general practices that allow the smooth operation of courses and the harmonious interaction of students and staff.  They include:


Course Reviews

Students are asked to comment on each lecture and lecture in terms of content, delivery and value.  They are asked to complete the review at the end of the session to ensure recency of recall.


Payment of Fees

Students are asked to enrol and pay prior to the course, rather than leaving their payment to the day of the course.  The allows for the smooth administration of the program and does not distract staff with payments when other course administration should be being done.


Borrowing of Equipment

Students are asked to organise themselves into groups prior to borrowing equipment for overnight or weekly loans.  They are also asked to coordinate with instructors and other course members to arrange meetings for the use of the equipment to maximise learning opportunities


Course Lists and Attendees

Students are asked not to share course lists or use contacts for commercial or marketing opportunities; and must agree to this condition prior to receiving any contacts lists.


Electronic Communication / SPAM

Students agree not to use the ASPA website, bulletin boards or email systems in violation of the SPAM Act; and agree to the principle of reasonable use.


Disciplinary Procedures

ASPA uses the grievance system as the starting point for disciplinary procedures.   Any issue can of course should be raised with the person concerned in the initial instance, where appropriate.  Students and staff should refer to the Code of Conduct.


Occupational Health and Safety

ASPA is sensitive to the need for a safe workplace, and it expects every student and staff member to be mindful of risks and take action to minimise those risks.