Quality /Audit


ASPA Training conducts a quality review of all processes, documentation and procedures annually.

As an RTO, ASPA also needs to recertify at the end of its registration and meet the requirements of the Quality system to renew that certification. Self audit is key to the quality process, and the ASPA Executive is charged with maintaining the standard across the three states in which training is conducted. Visits to each training site are therefore essential and comparisons of application of systems are mandatory to ensure consistency of application. The Vice President Education is to submit a report annually to the Executive detailing any discrepancies and any corrective actions required.

Why evaluate?

Evaluation is an important component of any teaching development project. Phenomena such as the developmental process, usability of resources, student experiences and preferences, the achievement of learning outcomes, the impact on teaching and teachers, and the impact on physical and human resources should be subject to evaluation.

Developing a strategy

The Vice President Education is required to develop a strategy for evaluation for the Annual Review, and can provide advice to Course Directors on the development of an evaluation strategy.

Online Surveys

All surveys, course reports, course feedback and unsolicited correspondence is administered through the Vice President Education. In 2005, ASPA will be phasing in online evaluation of some modules.