Records, other than financial, are retained by the Secretary. Arrangements have been made to store student records in electronic form in three locations: with the Chief Executive Officer of the RTO, with the Secretary, and an electronic web-based secure record system (meeting Australian standards for systems recovery and recovery from catastrophic failure).

Maintenance of Records

The Secretary of the Association shall monthly arrange for syncronisation of the media currently in use between the locations detailed above, which shall include all documents, financial records, course records, correspondence, minutes and other appropriate matter for the current financial year to be made.

Annual Reports

An annual report is prepared for the Annual General Meeting in November which is available to all members, sponsors and Government Departments sponsoring ASPA.

Student Results

Students receive notification of results by mail along with the initial certificate of competence. Where further work is required in a limited number of areas following competency testing, notification of the areas requiring rework are notified to the student.

Student enrolment, exam papers, and other assessments are collected and organised by the Course Directors, then forwarded to the Vice President Education for storage. Electronic versions are retained in the three locations previously described.


Staff recordsforms, student enrolment, feedback management, application for transcript / results and application for RPL are dealt with in the related section of this site. For more information, access your topic through the index.