One of the keys to the success of transferring vocational skills is to have qualified and experienced trainers who manage, coach, facilitate, present and direct training in an environment that supports individual and group learning. Our staff are primarily volunteers who are professionally qualified in a range of fields and dedicate their time and energy to train Ski Patrollers and rescue workers who work in Alpine environments.

They have spent an enormous amount of time and effort bringing their personal skills to a very high standard in skiing or snow boarding, and in delivering advanced first-aid.

ASPA values these people and has a development program in place to assist them retain and develop those skills

On the pages in this section you will see the:

  • Induction Program
  • Professional Development Program, and
  • Staff List.

If you have an interest in joining ASPA as an instructor, examiner or specialist lecturer; please contact one of our Course Directors or the Vice President Education who will be only too pleased to assist you in your quest to become another of our highly skilled trainers of advanced emergency care.

Two examiners developing training approaches to apply a scoop stretcher,
oxygen and neck splint to an unconscious casualty.