Training Delivery


ASPA Training College delivers training which is nationally recognised. It has specific licences in Victoria and NSW to train Ski Patrollers in the use of particular analgesic drugs and ASPA is registered on the National Training Information Service (NTIS).

Our course certificates, where recognised, display the Vocation Education and Training Accreditation Board logo as well as the Australian National Training Authority logo.

To understand where ASPA’s scope of training fits into the National System we have included a number of resource pages that may assist. Remember, you can always refer to the relevant websites for more information.

  • National Training Information Service
  • Vocation Education and Training Accreditation Board
  • Australian National Training Authority

ASPA Training provides some information on our training delivery and the relationship to government policy and instrumentalities. Refer to the menu on the left hand side

For further information about approved course and the Australian system of vocational training, you may also want to visit:

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Australian Qualifications Framework Advisory Board (AQFAB)

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) provides a comprehensive, nationally consistent yet flexible Framework for all qualifications in post-compulsory education and training. The Framework was introduced Australia-wide on 1 January 1995 and is being phased in over five years, with full implementation by the year 2000.