Welfare / Support



The Handbook addresses:

  • Access to Results

  • Support Systems

  • Orientation and Induction

  • Textbook and Library resources

  • Loan Equipment

  • Access and Equity

  • Anti Discrimination Policy, and

students are referred to the Policy Section of this website for specific advice.


ASPA supports all of its students to achieve their maximum potential.  To assist in this, most teaching materials are available on-line or in electronic form by contacting the Vice President Education.  As well as these resources, trained peer counsellors are available to discuss any with issues that are of concern to a student.   Each resort also has dedicated and trained peer support contacts should vocational issues arise from the type of work done by graduates.


There are a number of other resources that may prove useful:


The University of Sydney Learning Centre has a range of support publications for students:

Study Skills

Support Services (Counselling, Welfare, Disability etc)

Government Services and Resources

  • Youth Portal (Australia)
    Access to online information on Australian Commonwealth government services, programmes, research, policies, events and publications for and about young people aged 12 to 25 years. The Youth Portal links to hundreds of resources across a range of Commonwealth agencies and departments.
    Similar portals for law and justice, women, health, regional Australians etc can be found or are being developed at http://www.australia.gov.au/portals/for_aust.asp.
  • The Source
    Australian Dept of Family and Community Services site for young people.
  • Youth site
    NSW government site with information and links to resources and services covering all aspects of life for young people in NSW.
  • Health NSW
    The NSW Dept of Health site includes an A-Z of health topics, pages on health for young people and services listed by area.