Honour Roll

Honour Roll listing is bestowed upon patrollers in recognition of their efforts in promoting ski patrolling both in-resort and to the wider ski patrol community.

Nominations should be prepared in writing for consideration by the committee prior to the Annual General meeting, to be ratified by the members.

Clicking on the names with bold type will open a brief biography of the person.

  • George Freuden, AM
  • Tommy Tomasi
  • Inving Fong
  • Bill Swinson
  • Nick Crombie
  • Alan Terrens
  • Peter Jeffery
  • Anne Jeffery
  • Maurice Stewartson
  • Til van de Vusse
  • Raoul Picot
  • John Zelcer
  • Gary Grant
  • John Driscoll
  • Steve Breathour
  • Andrea Broad
  • David Hibbard
  • Linda Godfrey
  • Andy Zwar
  • Robert Montgomery
  • Richard Hemsworth
  • Terry Lyons
  • Robert Moreland
  • Helen Howell
  • Rickard Svedjesten
  • Rik Head