The ASPA Medical Advisory Committee   (“MAC”)

This page provides some background information on the role of the MAC, information about the members of the Committee and a link to Position Statements or Guidelines issued by the MAC.

Over a period of many years, ASPA has had a committed body of medical practitioners who have served ASPA in a number of areas, including:

  • the design and content of the Advanced Emergency Care Course curriculum and Manual;
  •  keeping patrollers and their educators abreast of changes and developments in knowledge and practice;
  •  reviewing areas of ski patrol practice which are identified as being of concern or contentious; and
  • representing and defending the conduct of patrollers who have acted in within practice guidelines endorsed by the Medical Advisory Committee.

The current MAC consists of a number of doctors with diverse backgrounds who are connected with patrols in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. Further details about our doctors and their backgrounds can be found by clicking on their profile link. All of the MAC members have experience in alpine and wilderness environments and have an interest in pre-hospital medicine and evidence-based best practice.

Although at times members of the MAC may hold differing personal views on a particular subject, when the MAC issues a position statement or guideline, this has been arrived at on a collaborative basis and is considered to be the collective wisdom of the Committee, and as such represents the official position of ASPA on that particular issue.

In common with most other ASPA roles, the members of the MAC are volunteers who are passionate about supporting the ski patrol community and making a difference for the better, and often put in a large time commitment in pursuit of this goal.

We are very happy to be contacted at any time with any questions or concerns that individual patrols or patrollers may have. This is best done by sending an email to the ASPA Secretary or President, who can then forward the question to the MAC.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable time “on the hill”,

Dr Rowena Christiansen
Chair, ASPA Medical Advisory Committee


Position Statements and Guidelines

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