National Patrol

The National Patrol system was developed by the ASPA National On Snow committee to promote the improvement of ski patroller skills on hill, and to provide a benchmark for patrollers to strive for, that would be recognised around Australia and internationally.

The program benefits patrols by providing goals for patrollers to strive towards and  the knowledge that those that achieve this skill level will be able to spread their knowledge back into the patrol and help others to improve their skills.

Similarly, patrollers gain the confidence that comes from being tested and approved by their peers. They also are able to travel to other resorts knowing that they will be accepted as having good skills.

The steps necessary for a patroller to attain national status are not onerous and involve gaining skill levels that all patrollers would wish to gain. They include:

  • A highly proficient level in the ASPA Advanced Emergency Care course.
  • Successful completion of enough on hill patrol work to satisfy the patrol director that all on hill skills are best practice.

NOTE: that this will vary from resort to resort.

  • Attempting and completing the National on hill program.

Details on each of the above can be found either in the attachments below or from your patrol director.

ASPA National Patrol On Snow Manual

The ASPA National Patrol on snow manual* includes the following information:

  • Application Form including disclaimer – which must be supplied in order to attend the assessment
  • Assessment Process
  • Feedback & Complaints Process
  • Examiners Guidelines

* Manual updated 8th July 2014